Finn and Conway is a product of two companies having joined together in September of 1998 with a combination of more than 120 years of company experience in the process instrument industry.

The Finn and Conway part of the company now spanning 3 generations was formed in 1929 when Bernard L. Finn opened a sales office in Chicago. He was later joined by James F. Conway (his son-in-law) in 1945. Their business was incorporated in 1956. James F. Conway's son, Jim Conway, today is managing the business with a number of other family members still active in the company.

Hubert Glatte formed Glatte & Company in January of 1949 in Cleveland with a nearly identical set of circumstances as Finn & Conway. He was joined by his eldest son, Robert W. Glatte in the early 1950's forming a father/son partnership. Bob's brother, Peter, joined Glatte & Company in 1962 and the partnership was incorporated in 1969.

As often happens in small businesses that have similar paths, a close friendship was established early on between Barney Finn, James F. Conway and Hubert Glatte. This friendship eventually extended to subsequent family members of both firms allowing for a strong bond that has not been disrupted for more than half a century.

Both companies were started by individuals who had a desire to serve the process instrument industry and with a degree of enthusiasm and excitement that comes with the start-up of small proprietorships and nurtured a deep-seated aspiration to serve a particular segment of industry. Both companies involved family members to help make the business successful and to offer encouragement and a sense of ownership.

Their successes grew with hard work and a strict code of honesty that has prevailed for many years and which is one of the major backbones of the new combined company formed 2 years ago.

Our business philosophy is simple: maintain close customer relationships, provide superior customer service support and meet the product and support needs of our customers. It is not unusual for everyone within our entire organization to know a significant number of our customers and their families on a personal level since the making of a customer also means to us the making of a friend. We enjoy and value those relationships and strive to continue their growth by frequent visits either by telephone, person-to-person, email and social outings.

Long-term employee relationships have also become the 'norm' for both companies. The founding fathers of both companies felt that employees needed to be treated fairly and with respect and therefore as the need for additional help was required, one of the qualities they sought was an interest to develop a long-term relationship with their employer. This tradition has been maintained by the current owner, who is proud to identify the more than 150 combined years of selling experience of just the sales staff!

From the very beginning of each company, there has been an emphasis on education, training and an extension of those values to our various customer bases. With the help of improved equipment such as visual aids, laptops, high speed internet connections, networking of office computer systems, cell phones and many other recent business innovations, our company has been able to offer superior service before, during and after a sale as well as outstanding customer training. It is our firm belief that the more a customer knows about the equipment he purchases from us, the more satisfied he will be with his purchase and the better he will be able to accomplish his task. We consider it a privilege to offer training, service, education and just plain knowledge about the products we sell and we respectfully encourage you to call us 'for a test drive'.

We thank you for taking the time to read a little about our history and business philosophy and would encourage you to give us a call to discuss your applications. We think you'll be pleased with the response and perhaps even a little excited to know there are still some old-fashioned people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work on your behalf. We'll look forward to hearing from you.