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Industrial I/O Solutions and Signal Conditioners and Converter Products


Signal Conditioning - Transmitters/Alarm Relays - Smart I/O Modules Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus Modules, Converters & Switches

Represented: Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and eastern half of Iowa
Distributor:-----all other areas

Innovative Mass Flow & Pressure Solutions


Mass Flow & Pressure Solutions are NIST traceable with a LIFETIME warranty. Volumetric & Mass Flow Meters, Mass Flow Controllers, Digital Vacuum Gauges & Controls and accessories.

Alicat Scientific Video Library: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlicatScientific

Represented: MInnesota, Iowa, NW Wisconsin, North & South Dakota

Control Components

View Products from Altech Corp.

Control Components: Circuit Breakers, enclosures, European fuses, safety relays, wire ducts, tower lights, motor disconnect switches & other control components.


Represented: MInnesota, NW Wisconsin, North & South Dakota

Analytical Sensors & Instrumentation


pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Flow Sensors Direct Sensor Replacements for GLI and others

Represented: Minnesota, Iowa, North & South Dakota
Distributor:----all other areas

Gas Detection Transmitters & Alarms


Portable & Stationary Gas Detection Transmitters & Alarms; Toxic, Combustible, Ozone, CO & Wet Gas Single, Multi-Channel and Sampling Units

Represented: Wisconsin

Industrial Enclosures


Robust non-metallic polycarbonate UL listed industrial enclosures. Sizes from 6" x 6" x 4" through 24" x 24" x 10" with all UL/cUL 508A & 50E, IP66, IP68 and Nema 4X certified

Represented: Illinois, NW Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Eastern Missouri, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota


Smartpanel TFT low cost Color Touch Screen Operator Interfaces. Available in high resolution 4.3", 7", 10" & 15" screen sizes with the memory and speed to handle dynamic graphics. Communication ports include Serial, USB & Ethernet with optional networking cards for Profius-DP, Profinet, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, CANopen, CCLink, Modbus RTUwith more to be added. Easy to Use development software, Panel View, which includes drivers for most PLCs with Serial or Ethernet protocols.

Representative: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota

Field Instrument Service, Contract Calibration, Instrumentation Troubleshooting, Project Start up and On-Site Training. xxxxxxx Field Service Overview xxxxxxxx Field Service Pricing

Represent: All areas

Speed Control, Motion Detection Systems


Motion Monitoring and Speed Control systems for grain and industrial machinery:
Speed Sensors, Speed Sensitive Switches, Tachometers, Counters, Speed to Analog Converters, Digital Pulse Generators, Material Level Controls and Hazard Monitoring for bucket elevators and conveyors.

Distributor: All areas

Process & Temperature Controls, Recorders & Data Acquisition

View Products from Future Design Controls

Single Loop PID Controls: 1/32 through 1/4 DIN and board level
Recorders: Circular 1 & 2 Pen, 100mm Strip and Paperless Touchscreen Control Systems: nCompass and Orion-M iSeries
Data Acquisition Software (SCADA): EnVision
Custom Solutions: Operator Interface/PLC Control Solutions

Represented: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota

Process Weighing Automation, Load Cells and Control Instruments

View Products from Hardy Instruments

Weight Controllers, Indicators, Transmitters, PLC Weigh Scale Modules, C2 Load Cells, Junction Boxes & Floor Scales. Measure, Control, Transmit Weight measurement.
Allen Bradley Encompass Partner

Represented: Illinois, NE Indiana, Eastern Missouri & Wisconsin

Control Automation


PLCs, Operator Interfaces, timers, relays, sockets, push-buttons, display lights, terminal blocks and associated automation components.

Distributor: All areas

InduKey Industrial Keyboards and Input Devices


IP68 Keyboards and Input Devices ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing applications requiring a high degree of resistance

Represent: All areas

Hand Held & Bench Process Calibrators


Hand held & Bench-top calibrators to source, simulate, measure virtually all electronic process signals. Beta Precision Pressure Calibrators

Distributor: All areas

Liquid Level Sensing & Control


Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensors Product level, Interface Level & Temperature measurement for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Process, Petroleum and Hazardous area applications in vessels from 2 inches to 60 feet.
Reliable, Accurate, Repeatable Liquid Level Measurement

Distributor: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri & Eastern Wisconsin

Industrial Computers, Operator Interfaces and Software


Industrial touch screen Computers & Monitors 12" through 19". PowerView PLC Color Touch Screen with Ethernet & optional Windows CE Optimation Operator Panels and Ethernet I/O Modules

Distributor: All areas

Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples & RTDs

View Products from Pyromation

Catalog & Custom OEM Thermocouple, RTD & Thermister Sensors, x 2-wire transmitters, controls and related equipment.

Representative: Illinois, NW Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota

Operator HMI Panels & more


Operator HMI panels with or without I/O modules with integrated or pluggable I/O, Protocol converters, Analog and Digital I/O modules and power supplies

Representative: Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota

TE Connectivity Sensors

MEAS Sensors from TE Connectivity: http://www.te.com/sensors

TE offers an unmatched portfolio of sensor solutions for applications across a wide range of industries. Our technologies enable measurement capabilities such as pressure, temperature, position, vibration, humidity and fluid property, to name a few.

Represented: Illinois, NW Indiana, Wisconsin, MInnesota, Iowa, North & South Dakota

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