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Process & Temperature Controls, Recorders & Data Acquisition

Single Loop Controls: 1/32 through 1/4 DIN
Recorders: Circular 1 & 2 Pen, 100mm Strip and Paperless
Data Acquisition Software: Multiview
Custom: Operator Interface/PLC Control Solutions

Represented: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota

Future Design Controls, Inc. offers a broad range of standard & OEM custom temperature and process control, recording and operator interface products for industrial, medical and scientific machinery and equipment. Both our standard products and custom OEM's solutions offer the most recent microprocessor technology, high reliability and features to help our customers grow their business.

Future Design Controls offers din controllers in sizes from 1/32 to ¼ din as well as board level. Single set point, dual input,  recipe or profile (ramp and soak) controllers, FM approved indicating and non-indicating high limits.

Future Design has a complete line of recording devices. From single or two pen circle chart recorders that have an option to “print your own chart”. To a 6 input strip chart. Also we have one of the most advanced paperless recorders on the market today. The VR series or recorders has a 6.4 TFT display, both analog and digital plug and play inputs, and a standard very powerful math package.

The Orion-M iSeries Control System is an advanced single & multi-loop, monitor point, and logic controller with integrated LAN features that is sized to meet the automation needs of a wide range of process equipment. The Orion-M provides user friendly displays with Windows® style intuitive operation for control systems. The Orion M  has Windows CE 7” or 10” Touch Screen, up to 15 loops and 15 monitor points, SCADA or Data Acquisition with encryption, alarm management, mulit level security and much more.

FDC-600-X Series are compact Touch Panel Computers are available in 10.4", 12.1" and 15.0" screen sizes with choice of embedded Windows XP® or CE®.net operating systems. Designed to operate in an industrial environment it combines the convenience of an affordable operator interface color touch screen with the power and versatility of the open Windows XP® or CE® platforms