Territory Management.

From an aggressive outside sales team, to a strong inside customer service organization, to detailed computerized tracking of all sales and customer activity, we manage the territory for you! Finn & Conway principals have total confidence that our territory is well looked after. A toll-free 800 number to encourage customers to call us first -- instead of your competitor's rep -- is one of the many extra, competitive advantages Finn & Conway provides!

Trade Shows.

Finn & Conway exhibits in many industry trade shows during the year providing your products maximum exposure to a broad base of new potential customers. Finn & Conway also conducts technical seminars for area customers on a regular basis.

Customer Service.

Finn & Conway's inside sales staff provides area customers prompt and accurate delivery information, part number and product selection, expediting and quoting as well as any other assistance ever needed. Our Customer Service staff ensures customers are taken care of and that the Territory Managers provide the service both customers and principals expect - solutions and territory coverage. Our principals rate Finn & Conway Inside Sales as "the best!"


With Finn & Conway you know what's going on in the territory. Each of our territory managers has a laptop computer, pager, cellular phone and e-mail. The customer and principal can always contact our territory managers for updates on existing accounts and prospects

Lead Follow-up.

We follow up all sales leads with the prospective customer. We know sales leads are expensive for you to generate. We also know they are extra sales waiting to happen for both of us.

Customer Mailings.

Using automated mailing equipment and computerized mail lists we regularly send your catalogs and sales literature to area customers. Our mail list is constantly updated and contains over 13,000 area customers and 24,000 contacts. Names for individual mailings are sorted and selected by product interest, job title and industry served.

Market Research.

We don't just react to sales opportunities as they occur. We're continually researching our geographical territory looking for potential new markets for our principals as well as evaluating new products and technologies that might present opportunities in the future. This research is conducted using our territory knowledge, in-house and commercially available databases (MarketForce and Harris).

Aggressive Sales.

The bottom line is always increasing sales. Finn & Conway works hard to book the order while at the same time satisfying the needs and wishes of the customer. This extra effort and never-give-up attitude is a major reason for the success Finn & Conway consistently achieves.