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BusWorks® NT Series by Acromag

Author: Finn & Conway, Inc. | Date Submitted: Friday, 06/11/2021


BusWorks® NT Series Expandable Remote I/O

Modules For Ethernet

Analog and Digital I/O Modules

Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP and Profinet

IIoT or Peer-to-Peer Communication

IF/Then/Else Control Logic



Acromag’s Busworks® NT Series lets you add expansion I/O modules for a high-density, cost-efficient remote I/O solution


Ethernet Remote I/O Modules for Ethernet – Busworks NT Series


New Remote I/O Modules Support I/O Expansion of up to 64 channels with a Mix of Signal Types on a Single IP Address


Ethernet modules interface 16 analog or discrete I/O channels and feature an I/O expansion bus linking up to three additional I/O modules

The BusWorks® NT series remote I/O modules provide an Ethernet interface for analog, discrete and temperature signals. NTE Ethernet I/O models have dual RJ45 ports and a webserver with Modbus TCP/IP communication to monitor or control the internal I/O channels.

An integrated DIN rail bus allows connection of up to three NTX expansion I/O modules. Each I/O module adds up to 16 input or output signals allowing a mix of voltage, current, temperature, TTL, and relay control signals networked on one IP address.





The space-saving design requires only 25mm of DIN rail per module. Ethernet I/O modules distribute 9-32V DC power along the DIN rail bus to expansion modules. Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity, and -40 to 70°C operation make this I/O ideal for use in harsh environments.


“This Ethernet I/O Solution offers great flexibility to start small at a remote location with a single inch-wide I/O module then inexpensively add more and/or different I/O channels later on the same network port.”

Robert Greenfield - Acromag Business Development Manager.


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Wide Variety of I/O Signal Processing Options

The NT2000 Series offers a broad variety of I/O signal processing options. Nine I/O configurations are available as either NTE Ethernet I/O or NTX expansion I/O models. Analog I/O models feature eight differential or sixteen single-ended inputs, for monitoring current or voltage signals. Discrete I/O models provide 16 tandem input/output channels with either active high/low input and sinking/sourcing output. A six-channel mechanical relay output model is also available. For temperature monitoring, a thermocouple input model supports many sensor types and also millivolt ranges. More models will release over the coming months for additional I/O functions.


Currently, the NTE I/O modules support only Modbus TCP/IP communication, but will soon include Ethernet/IP and Profinet protocols. Each module will support all three protocols; which is selectable using any web browser to configure the network settings and I/O operation. The modules typically function as a network slave, but also offer Acromag’s i2o® peer-to-peer communication technology; transferring data between modules directly without a host or master in between. Multicast capability is also included.


Easy setup from anywhere with a web browser

NTE Ethernet I/O modules have a built-in web server for convenient configuration without installing any software. Several web pages lead you through the options to set your IP addresses, protocol, and I/O parameters. A diagnostics page lets you monitor I/O values from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.


Advanced features for IIoT and local control logic functions

The configuration pages will help you quickly setup advanced capabilities such as peer-to-peer communication, conditional logic computation, and alarm output.

Peer-to-peer communication



Alarm output*


OPC-UA server*

MQTT support*


* Coming soon.


Busworks NT Series Models:

Ethernet I/O Units

  • NTE2111-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, discrete I/O, sinking output, 16-ch
  • NTE2121-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, discrete I/O, sourcing output, 16-ch
  • NTE2131-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, discrete I/O, relay output, 6 MR + 6 DI
  • NTE2211-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, differential current, 8 AI + 2 DIO
  • NTE2221-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, single-ended current, 16-ch
  • NTE2231-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, differential voltage, 8 AI + 2 DIO
  • NTE2241-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, analog input, single-ended voltage, 16-ch
  • NTE2611-1111: Dual RJ45 ports, temperature input, 8 thermocouple + 2 DIO

Expansion I/O Units



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