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Remote Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Author: Finn & Conway, Inc. | Date Submitted: Friday, 08/27/2021








SenseAnywhere offers a reliable, cost effective, and simple solution for tracking critical environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and CO2.

Whether it be in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food storage or logistics, SenseAnywhere has the solutions!




Designed for Pharmacies, Hospitals and Bloodbanks

FDA regulations require that pharmacies, hospitals and bloodbanks monitor and control temperature and relative humidity to ensure product safety and efficacy. Legacy monitoring solutions and chart recorders can be difficult to maintain, and manual thermometer checks are sporadic, time consuming and less accurate. SenseAnywhere provides a simple, accurate 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5 compliant monitoring solution for pharmacies, hospitals and bloodbanks to maintain product integrity at an affordable cost. 

Automatic, real-time monitoring: Data is collected in real time and sent to a secure online portal for easy viewing. Simple trending charts and other reports make it easy to keep track of conditions within your refrigerators, freezers and warehouse.

Easy to set up alarms: Setting up temperature and RH alarms is simple. Receive alarm alerts via email or text message based on the criteria you specify.

Simple to deploy at scale: SenseAnywhere’s proprietary cloud-connected design makes it easy and cost-effective to scale across dozens or hundreds of locations.




Designed for Cold Chain Logistics

Providing accurate and complete temperature records across the cold chain is simple with a SenseAnywhere monitoring solution. The system is highly accurate, easy-to-use, and cost-effective to ensure cold chain logistics integrity. 

Easily monitor high value, temperature sensitive shipments in real time. Get alerted to potentially dangerous excursions before valuable cargo is compromised.

Designed for fleets: SenseAnywhere dataloggers have GPS capability, are highly durable and feature a 10-year battery life.

Simple to use: SenseAnywhere’s cloud-connected design automatically uploads your data to a secure web portal for easy, error-free reporting. Never download another report that indicates a time-delayed failure. View live date real-time with SenseAnywhere.



Designed for Warehousing

SenseAnywhere’s easy-to-deploy wireless design is well suited for warehouse temperature and relative humidity monitoring. Gain dependable visibility on the conditions throughout your warehouse. A secure cloud-enabled design eliminates the need to install expensive servers or complex software; your data is available from any mobile device when you need it. 

Scalability: Monitor both small storage areas and large, interconnected logistics centers.

Simple-to-use dashboard: View real-time data and historical temperature and RH trends for any area of your warehouse. Easily configure and deploy new SenseAnywhere dataloggers in minutes.

Industry-leading 10-year battery life ensures that data is reliably stored during power outages or temporary network failures. If network connectivity is lost, the dataloggers continue to store your data internally. When connectivity is restored, your data will be automatically uploaded to your online dashboard.




Designed for Food

Manufacturers, Distributors and Retail Food products require proper temperature and humidity throughout the processing, storage, distribution and retail lifecycle. Improper conditions can lead to product spoilage or contamination, which may lead to expensive recalls and damage to brand reputation. SenseAnywhere provides a highly accurate, low cost and easy-to-deploy monitoring solution that makes temperature and humidity monitoring simple. 

Easy to Deploy: Dataloggers are easy to configure and deploy, with activation taking as little as 5 minutes. Use them to monitor temperature and humidity levels, as well as door activation and water exposure, making it easy to identify problems and prevent future occurrences.

Fully Automated: SenseAnywhere collects environmental data in real time, storing it in a secure portal for easy access and review. See long term trends and receive instant alerts when conditions exceed the limits you set.

Scales Easily: Sensors and receivers are designed to be universal and modular, making it easy to scale across multiple locations. Simply add the monitoring equipment you need as you go.




The Power of the Cloud

SenseAnywhere is the latest in durable, low-power temperature monitoring systems. All dataloggers are integrated into a secure cloud platform that gives you easy access to trending data, condition alerts, and more. For example, the AiroSensor portable datalogger is commonly used by warehouse managers and transportation companies. An AiroSensor is placed in a box prior to shipment, and it stays in the package throughout the whole distribution chain. Seamless roaming allows the AiroSensor to transfer it’s data real-time at any location where a SenseAnywhere AccessPoint is deployed. All data is stored securely in the cloud and you can access it from any smart device. 



A datalogger does this by discovering an AccessPoint automatically and sending its data. The AccessPoint forwards the message to the secure database in the cloud where it is stored and sends a reply when the message is received correctly. The datalogger gets a reply from the database and deletes the data from its memory. As the owner of the AiroSensor, ClimateSensor, or StatusSensor, you can now access the data and generate reports using any tablet, smartphone, or computer. It’s that easy! All SenseAnywhere devices operate in the same way, making it easy to monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels without having to invest in expensive software packages.



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