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AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosures

We sell one kind of enclosure: An enclosure that protects itself so it can always protect the valuable contents within.



The Capabilities

  • Because we are the primary source producer of all our own enclosure components, we mold enclosures using the highest processing standards, assuring quality control of each step of the process.
  • All customization and modification take place on the production floor, alongside the manufacturing presses and injection molding machines. We have the ability to meet your custom requirements in direct step with the processing of your order.

The AttaBox™ Industrial Enclosure Range

Heartland Series

Polycarbonate enclosures with unique internal mounting design

Commander Series

Polycarbonate and fiberglass pushbutton enclosures

Freedom Series

​Fiberglass enclosures with opaque or acrylic viewing windows.

Centurion Series

Fiberglass enclosures with integral flush cover

MachoBox Series

Fiberglass JIC plus-size enclosures with opaque covers

Triton Series

​Large capacity fiberglass enclosures

DuraShield Series

Fiberglass enclosures, shallow, sleek, aesthetic designs

Viking Series

​Fiberglass with opaque and clear covers, medium sizes

BantamBox Series

Polycarbonate enclosure, opaque & clear covers, small sizes    

Endurance Series

Fiberglass Euro enclosures medium to large sizes