Backer Marathon is a premier manufacturer of electric heating elements and sensors in the U.S. Backer Marathon specializes in manufacturing custom heating elements for OEM as well as direct-fit replacements for popular brands. Backer Marathon, Inc. is a member of the Backer North America group of companies.

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Backer Marathon is a leading manufacturer of American made high watt density cartridge heaters.  Our HotRod stainless steel heaters are the industry standard and offer quality construction, superior heat transfer, and long life heating solutions up to 1600°F.  In addition to our swaged heaters, we offer non-swaged heaters for applications up to 800°F, as well as square heaters for milled slot solutions.


Backer Marathon air heaters feature an open coil of high temperature resistance wire electrically isolated in a stainless steel sheath. Because the air being heated passes directly over the resistance wire, maximum heat transfer efficiency is achieved. Backer Marathon brand air heaters are used for heat staking, plastic welding, laminating, drying, heat sealing, and any other operation where air needs to be heated up 1000°F.

1/2” and 3/4” diameters are standard with other sizes available. Several 1/2” diameter air heaters are in stock for same day delivery. Options such as male and female fittings for inlets and outlets, thermocouples to monitor outlet temperature, and pin connectors are available.







When heating is required around a nozzle or a pipe, a band heater is the optimal solution for your heating needs. Our current band products are separated in two types: Mica Band Heaters and Starflex Band Heaters. Each type offers different temperature tolerances as well as flexibility and construction options. 

Our band heaters are computer designed and manufactured to your specifications. Only the highest quality materials are used for optimal performance. Backer Marathon's stock band heater inventory is constantly growing. We stock a wide variety of heaters right on the shelf that are available for same day shipping.

Mica Band Heaters

Starflex Band Heaters

Ceramic Band Heaters







When highly focused heat is required, and a very low profile is imperative, coil heaters are the best cost-effective option. Coil heaters may be used to concentrate the heat on specific segments, or the coil may be spread to equalize the temperature across the object to be heated.

Viper Coil Heaters







Backer Marathon strip heaters are manufactured to your custom specifications. Mica Strip heaters offer a low profile option for applications of up to 1200°F. Ceramic Strip heaters offer a rugged construction for application of up to 1200°F. They are direct bolt in replacements for popular brands.

Mica Strip Heaters

Ceramic Strip Heaters

StarFlex Strip Heaters







Backer Marathon flexible heaters provide outstanding performance in applications up to 450°F under a variety of operating conditions. Properly applied silicone rubber heater life routinely exceeds 10 years. Silicone rubber has a high dielectric strength, is flame retardant, and non-toxic. Design versatility permits special heat profiles allowing zones of higher or lower heat concentration and their flexible construction makes them easy to install on a variety of surfaces.

Silicone Rubber Heaters


The Hot Set flexible heating elements are completely flexible and may be shaped around pipes, along platen paths, and into other challenging shapes that require precise heating. We have several options for terminations and temperature control to meet your needs and they are excellent replacements for traditional tubular heaters and other electric heating elements and heating systems, which are not flexible. 



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