Future Design Controls offers a broad range of standard & OEM custom temperature and process control, recording and operator interface products for industrial, medical and scientific machinery and equipment. Both our standard products and custom OEM's solutions offer the most recent hardware technology, powerful, flexible and easy to use application software and features to help our customers grow their business.


Solutions range from simple single board controls, single loop PID DIN controlsRecorders [circular, strip & paperless] to sophisticated multiloop PID with Color Touch Screen interface; Data Acquisition and Operator Interface solutions are available in both Windows XP and CE operating systems.




All the functionality of multiple devices in a single, easy-to-use low cost controller




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The C-Series High Performance PID Process Control

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Future Design Controls Multi-Color LCD display C-Series set a new standard for DIN temperature controllers packed with performance to meet low cost OEM needs while providing reliable High Performance temperature and process control with 3-Year Warranty.

 C-Series Panel Mount Sizes

The C-Series is available in 1/32 DIN C22, 1/16 DIN C62, 1/8 DIN C82/83, 1/4 DIN C42 and R22 DIN Rail Mount. The 1/8 DIN are available as vertical and horizontal while the R22 is a DIN rail mount control perfect for high density single loop control requirements.






L Series L91 & L41 FM Approved High Limit Controls

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Future Design Controls FM Approved L Series L91 1/16 DIN and L41 1/4 DIN provide temperature limit protection in process applications where FM approvals are required. With universal temperature input, up to two outputs, fast scan rates, remote reset, 3-Year Warranty, user friendly prompts and more make the L Series L91 and L41 the right choice for safety protection.

Although the L91 may be DIN Rail mounted with the DRA accessory, for non-panel mount non-indicating FM Approved High Limit refer to the Series 7L surface or DIN Rail mount high limit; Series 7L.

The L91/L41 meet the NFPA National Fire Protection Association applicable to excess temperature limit controls when used in ovens/furnaces to display both temperature and setpoint values.

 The L Series offers a full range of universal thermocouple & RTD inputs with latching output selections for mechanical Relay (form C), SSR Drive or Triac output. Consult the L Series manuals for available linear mA & VDC inputs.

 Additional Limit Control Features include an optional 2nd control output configurable as latching, non-latching or alarm silence mode; configurable display decimal point, F/C, input filter factor and more. Click here to learn more about these Limit Control Features.

 Optional features such as a second relay output, DC Transmitter power supply, remote reset (standard on L41), linear mA/VDC retransmission or RS485 communications offer maximum flexibility for demanding applications. Click here for more information on retransmission & communication options.




PR Paperless Recorders

The PR Paperless Chart Recorder models PR10, PR20 and PR30 provide intuitive operation through 4.3”, 5.6” and 12.1” TFT touch screens.  The PR10 and PR20 may include a Process Control module PC201 offering PID control including profile ramp-soak capability.

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PR Series Analog, Digital, Remote Inputs (Serial or TCP/IP) and Math Channels


The number of direct analog inputs varies by model with the PR10/20/30 offering up to 6, 24 and 48 respectively as well as optionally External channels input via Serial or TCP/IP Modbus; maximum external channels are 24, 48 & 96 channels respectively. 

The PC210 PID modules support single loop profile loops with up to 4 modules may be specified in the PR10/20 with up to 8 in the PR30. More information on the PC210 PID modules here

Digital Inputs capability is available with the allowable number based upon the PR model, number of analog inputs and digital outputs specified. With the optional Plus 1 or 3 firmware, Digital Inputs may be configured as high frequency pulse inputs typically used in flow applications. 

Derived Math channels are standard with the PR10/20/30 offering 15, 40 & 60 derived channels respectively. Counters, Timers and Totalizing functions are optional with Plus 1 & 3 firmware. 

All analog, external, derived & digital inputs have a 100ms total sample rate. All analog, external and digital input channels are freely configurable and named to suit your process requirements.




300 Series High Performance Temperature Controls

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 Future Design Controls 300 Series sets a new standard for DIN controllers. With 3 Inputs as standard and up to 4 control outputs plus Communications the 300 Series meet a variety or temperature & process control requirements. With a standard 3-year Warranty, the 300 Series are available as single display FDC-2500 1/32 DIN and dual display FDC-9300, FDC-8300 and FDC-4300 [1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN].

 With the highest input resolution for like products, fast scan rate and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tune the 300 Series provides world-class control performance. As standard the 300 Series includes Fuzzy Assist Auto Tune, Deadband between Heat/Cool outputs configured manually or allow Fuzzy Logic PID to calculate optimum value, Fuzzy Assist Self Tune and manual adjust PID and Proportional Band Manual Reset.




100 and C Series High Performance Temperature Controls

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Future Design Controls dual display 100 Series and single display C Series set a new standard for DIN temperature controllers packed with performance to meet low cost OEM needs while providing reliable High Performance temperature control with 3-Year Warranty.

The C21 & C91 are single display 1/32 & 1/16 DIN Controls. The 9100, 8100 & 4100 are dual display 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN controls. The B41 is a board level version of the 1/4 DIN 4100; Click B41.

With the highest input resolution for like products, fast scan rate and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tunthe 100 Series provides world-class control performance. Available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN sizes with up 3 control outputs plus Communications.



9090 Series Temperature Control

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Future Design's 9090 1/16 DIM temperature control set a new standard for DIN temperature controls when introduced in the early 1990's. With tens of thousands shipped, the 9090 Series provides reliable low cost high performance temperature control with a 3-year warranty requirements.

 Offering a fast scan rate [3 times/second] and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tune the 90 Series provides world-class control performance.

 Unique Parameter Selection provides user flexibility & operator ease of use: Alarm SP, Setpoint Ramp Rate & PV Offset can be configured to be displayed in a variety of sequences when the scroll key is depressed.

 Configurable Alarm Logic [process, deviation & band] with Latching, non-Latching and Alarm Hold. Additional features include one Ramp/Soak segment, timer function, configurable output 1 and alarm hysteresis, PV Shift [bias], View PID % output, Set Point Ramp, and very shallow mounting depth.


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