Washable and Rugged Keyboards

Healthcare - Pharmaceutical - Industrial


InduKey manufactures washable and rugged keyboards for the industrial, pharmaceutical and medical markets. Indukey, a brand of GETT, are manufactured in Germany and of the highest quality, making them recognized and known across the world for their top-of-the-line technological advances and quality.




If you carefully remove a key from your home or office keyboard and look inside, you would be shocked!

Keyboards and mice are the perfect environment for germs and bacteria. We all try to protect ourselves from infections by cleaning surfaces all around our work and home, but few think to look at where their fingers touch all day, every day! Their working area!

Using a washable keyboard can go a great way towards limiting the spread of infections, preventing transmission of illness to co-workers, protect patients and staff as well as ensuring cleanliness of products such as in a pharmacy setting or laboratory.

These products range from a water-resistant office keyboard to a fully enclosed professional keyboard for use in extremely critical hygiene situations. 






The industrial world is a tough space! Extreme temperatures, hazardous materials and moving equipment make product failures nearly inevitable. Plant operators moving from their process to a keyboard typically involve gloves soaked in water, oil and other chemicals cause keyboard and mouse failures frequently.

Rather than continuously replace keyboards and other pointing devices, Indukey offers their Rugged keyboards to withstand all of the punishment and last!  



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